Duraflex Group Introduction

Duraflex, the world's leading brand in plastic buckles & accessories for the outdoor sporting goods industry, was founded by Joseph Anscher with the passion in bringing the most functional and reliable accessories to the backpack market.

Over the years, Duraflex has grown from a single factory in the United States, to now operating factories worldwide, in US, Italy, China, and Vietnam. We stay close with our customers in providing local manufacturing as well as local support, wherever & whenever we are needed.

As the brand grows, so have our product offerings. With the completion of a major expansion in 2007, the brand now includes product offerings from the original plastic buckles, to metal snaps, grommets, zipper pullers, cord locks, labels,and so on. Duraflex, now covering almost all the trims & accessories for the sporting goods industry, can offer the most complete line of trims the customer needs, whether it's for backpack, apparel, golf bag, stroller, military,and so on.

Also with our worldwide network of professionals, we are able to offer you easy & convenient contacts locally, no matter where you are. Whether you just need a quick info on one trim, or want to develop an entire new line of trims for your products, we are there to help. Just give us a call or drop us a line, we'll have local contacts for your convenience, but with the backup of worldwide engineering and production knowledge as support. So you get the best of everything – local contact, worldwide expertise.

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